Wir lieben Riesling.
Wir lieben Riesling. 

Vinification Process 

The old wines makers used to say that a viticulturist runs around each of his vines at least 12 times per years. We ourselves are not sure if that is true for every plant, however it takes a lot of work to grow healthy grapes as you can see for yourself in the following pictures. We wanted to give our Riesling fans an idea of all the differnt work steps in our vineyards. 


Our undergroud cellar natuarally provides the perfect conditions to produce Riesling: Consistently low temperatures and a lot of humidity. After we have carefully handpicked and selected the grapes they are pressed gently. Afterwards the must ferments in wooden barrels into dry, of-dry, sweet or dessert wines. We are comitted to producing our wines naturally, and therefore avoid influencing the fermentation as much as possible.

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