Wir lieben Riesling.
Wir lieben Riesling. 

The Symbol of Perfection

We are a member of the Bernkasteler Ring, the oldest wine-auctioning association in the Mosel. It was founded in 1899 by leading wineries of the region and is one of the most reknown wine associations in Germany today.  To become a member the quality of the vineyards, wines, and diligince of the production process need to comply with the high standards of the association. Producing a certain percentage of Riesling is also a factor. As a member we strive for perfection in our wine production. The associations ensures its standards through strict self-control as well as internal blind tastings to compare the wines, and by sharing knowledge among its members. Rieslings with the classification "Grosse Gewächse Bernkasteler Ring"

 (Great Growth) are premium, dry-style Rieslings. These Grands Crus wines are solely produced in the top, single vinyards, e.g. our Graacher Himmelreich. 

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